NAB PLAY: D&D Intermission: Aye, Dark Overlord!

April 27, 2013

NAB PLAY Bonus Aye, Dark Overlord! Whats up everybody? Welcome back for a bonus episode of Nerds & Beer Play. This episode we take a break from D&D and play a game called "Aye, Dark Overlord!" A Hilarious game of roleplaying, where you play a sniveling goblin minon and beg for the Overlords mercy all while passing the blame to fellow minions. The Dark Overlord sets up a cenario and starts by asking a minion a question, they play hints from their hand to help the story along, and they attempt to pass the buck on to another player. All the story is made up, we refer to it as improve D&D. So listen in as hilarity, absurdity, and awkward moments arise in this unique game. We have a few Wasatch Devestator's this episode, as well as fellow Nerds: Matt and Drew.(a girl!) So grab a beer and clinky with us for this latest installment of Nerds & Beer Play!

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