NAB Play: Aye, Dark Overlord! “Garage”

July 4, 2013

NAB Play: Aye, Dark Overlord " Garage" Welcome back to Play everybody! This week we gather in our live show garage and play a few rounds of Aye, Dark Overlord! We have Matt, Kevin, Scarlett, and Evan and of course your host Shane acting foolishly and begging for mercy from the Dark Overlord. Scarlett and Evan alternate on camera/playing duty and some fun stuff happens. Listen in as accusations of being a drunk, being irresponsible and being Green Lantern are thrown around. Who needs cards? Stretch out your imagination and enjoy the ridiculousness that is ADO! The first part of the shows audio is a little robot-y, sorry about that its not terrible by any means. We hope you still enjoy. Grab a beer and drink one for Jeremy who couldn't join us on this weeks episode of Nerds & Beer Play! Remember if you'd like to watch instead of listen go to our youtube page.

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