Nerds & Beer Podcast

Episode 71: Live! The Benefit for Beer

May 27, 2013

Episode 71. What's up everybody, this week we bring you our very first live event, ever! The Benefit for Beer comes to you from a garage in Henderson, NV. We have a short podcast, but the main attraction this evening are the bands. We have our friends and makers of our regular podcast theme, Tulgey Wood. As well as NAB's own Jeremyand the rest of the folks from Crash Kit. All live! Join us as NAB tries to keep a show going, we've never done something on this scale. You'll laugh, you'll dance, you'll rock in this weeks episode of Nerds & Beer. Grab some Scarlet Red Rye Ale, some Sam Adam's Porch Rocker, a Miller, or much like Tulgey Wood and entire pallet of PBR and join us for our very first live show lovingly called "The Benefit for Beer". Clinky! Thanks to all of our fans who came and showed us so much love. See you at the next one!    Don't forget to click the Nerds & Beer Store for your own NAB merch.

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